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Baby Shower Invitations: What Are Your Options

 Among the many options for baby shower invitations is the do-it-yourself option. There are several ways to accomplish this: 

Computer made 

With the Use of graphics program found in your computer, simply make a design for a baby shower invitation then print it out onto card or board stock. With this option, you can send the invitation in an envelope or send without an envelope similar to a postcard. Be sure that your invitation will contain all the necessary details such as date, place, time, theme, who is it for, and the rsvp number. There are a lot of websites offering free invitations that can be printed. 

Velum Overlay

One adorable but very simple way of making a baby shower invitation is by using a velum overlay. You can buy a paper style that attracts you; buy this along with a coordinating ribbon at your favorite craft or scrap booking store. Buy too, a few pieces of velum. Working on the computer, write down any wording that you would want to appear on your invitation then have it printed unto the velum. At the top or the front of a craft paper, fasten the velum. The result is a fun and fancy invitation that was also fun to do.

More invitation ideas:

1. The most practical and easy idea is to buy your ready made invitations at a store that specializes in it, fill up all the blanks then mail them. 

2. You can order professional invitations in online stores or from a party store.

3. Make your own custom-generated invitation cards at any greeting card store; some offer computers wherein you can design your own invitations. 

4. Make your own using a computer software or through Word or clip art or a blank or pre-printed invitation which you can acquire from Wal Mart, Michael's, office supply stores, Hobby Lobby, etc.

5. Sending a postcard. 

Invitation information:

1. A phrase or a poem that indicates a baby shower party or simply the words “baby shower”, to make certain that your guests is well informed what they are getting invited to.

2. Make sure to put the name of the mom to be. 

3. Include the address as well as the directions and the map of the place where the party is to be held. 

4. Date and time of the occasion.

5. Theme, if any 

6. RSVP number or an email address 

7. The name of the hostess. 

8. Your store registry

Choosing an invitation:

1. Keep a budget, stick to always. The market for invitations is overwhelming. Only spend within your budget, do not get carried away.

2. Think of a theme and make certain that your invitation gives the guest a hint of it.

3. Make, purchase or have the baby shower invitation made at least a month in advance prior to the baby shower date.

4. Before selecting a certain design, as there are so many choices, go through each design carefully, pick out at least five that you like best, then from the five, pick out three, until you narrow down your choices to one.

5. Spend a lot of time browsing through the web. Here, a lot of invitations are available in different themes, sizes, colors, patterns and styles.

6. Know how many invitations to buy or order. Make a guest list before you order and make sure to order for extras.