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Optimal Performance from Super Pocket Bikes

 Any racer is likely to tell you that there is performance, and then there is Performance.  Optimal performance is the end goal, especially from super pocket bikes.  You want the best possible performance out of super pocket bikes, and doing so is not all that difficult.  There are a few basic tips that can help to ensure your bike stays in top notch shape. 

One of the most basic rules to keep your super pocket bike running smoothly is the same rule that you need to keep any vehicle running smoothly, from mini bike to a car or van: choose your gas carefully.  For super pocket bikes, most pros will tell you not to use racing fuel.  Not only does it not help, it might cause problems that other fuels would not.  High octane unleaded gasoline works best.  As with any gas station, look at the condition of the pumps and ground.  If they look bad and there is standing water around where the gas in put into the tank, try the next one down the road.  Make sure to mix the oil right, too.  The mixtures are fairly easy to figure out, and do not use the same oil as cars.  It is not designed for pocket bikes.  Buy motorcycle oil.

Break the super pocket bike in right.  This mainly involves using common sense.  Don't run your bike at the maximum RPM's during the break in period.  That puts undue stress on the motor.  On average it will take about four tanks of gasoline, five to be safe, to break your super pocket bike in.  During this period, don't push the bike too hard - baby it a bit.  Slow and steady quite literally will lead to winning the race.  Going along with treating your bike right, don't run it cold.  Allow your super pocket bike to warm up for about five minutes after starting it.  This allows the motor and the fluids to heat up to their optimal running temperatures.  You would never just start your car when its winter outside and take off, so don't so the same with your bike.  It's not meant to run cold!

Finally, get to know your super pocket bike.  Learn what is normal, and what isn't.  When it isn't running normally, or if anything at all sounds different than usual, turn it off and find out what the problem is.  Make all repairs as soon as possible, and park the bike until the repairs are made.  Caution will save you a lot of money in the long run.  Follow these tips, and you will be able to enjoy a super pocket bike that lives up to every ounce of its potential.