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Russia orders its scientists to take control of a German telescope

 The Russian Government through the space agency has made the decision that its scientists control from now on a German telescope mounted on a Russian spacecraft , something that the professionals themselves do not like or convince. This is the eROSITA telescope, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, which has been suspended since Vladimir Putin began the invasion of Ukraine.

"I gave instructions to start restoring the operation of the German telescope in the Spektr-RG system so that it works together with the Russian telescope," they expressed according to Die Welle from the Russian space agency. "Despite Germany's demand to close one of the two telescopes on Spektr-RG, Russian specialists insist on continuing their work. Roscosmos will make relevant decisions in the near future," they said.

"They, the people who made the decision to close the telescope, do not have the moral right to stop this research for humanity just because their pro-fascist views are close to our enemies," said Dimitry Rogozin, in charge of the operation.

The telescope is used to map the large-scale structure of the universe , as well as detect black holes in nearby galaxies and study the physics of X-ray sources. "This is a wonderful, world-class device that has already provided a great amount of data," says Rashid Sunyaev, supervisor of the project, who fears that the Russian commanders will end up damaging the system.