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Todas las veces que el Gobierno español negó tener un problema con Argelia tras su cambio de postura en el Sáhara Occidental

 On March 18, a political earthquake shook the Spanish government. A Moroccan news agency published a letter in which Pedro Sánchez  sought to restore diplomatic relations with  Morocco by changing his position on the Western Sahara conflict . In the letter, the president affirmed that Spain considered the proposal for Moroccan autonomy over the Sahara as the "most serious, credible and realistic" solution. Faced with this situation, government sources tried to anticipate and assured 20 minutes that Algeria (maximum defender of Saharawi independence), had been notified. This would be the first of many denials.

On March 19, the Government of Algeria decided to call its ambassador in Madrid, who has remained outside of Spain since then, for consultations. This occurred despite the fact that the Government had assured that Algeria was  "previously informed about Spain's position in relation to the Sahara" . "For Spain, Algeria is a strategic, priority and reliable partner, with whom we intend to maintain a privileged relationship," they stated.

On March 21, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares , was asked directly about Algeria's reaction. "It is a solid, strategic, priority, reliable partner for Spain, also as a gas supplier," he assured, avoiding confirming whether he had warned them. Algerian sources were responsible for denying that it had been so.

Despite this, Sánchez insisted on March 23 that with Algeria "they had an extraordinary relationship" and that they were "a partner and ally in multiple areas." " I am convinced that we will continue to be so in the coming years ", he affirmed.

Albares and Sánchez have not been the only ones to ensure that relations with Algeria would not be affected. The government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez , responded in the same way when asked: " It does not affect relations with Algeria, which is a solid , strategic, priority and reliable partner."

Another portfolio that was involved in the crisis between the two countries was that of Ecological Transition, occupied by Minister Teresa Ribera . On April 1, Algeria announced that it was not ruling out reviewing the price of the gas it supplies to Spain . Ribera, for her part, assured that they were "a reliable country that has not broken her word." and that there was " an impeccable relationship ", she acknowledged, while she affirmed that the revision of prices was normal because she "had to review them".

Despite all these statements, Algiers decided this Wednesday to suspend the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation with Spain due to its "unjustifiable" position on the Sahara. Hours later, the Algerian banking association announced that it would also block all direct debits for operations with Spain starting this Thursday. A measure that can affect many economic sectors. 

Both Spain and Brussels have asked the Algerian Executive to rectify it , aware of the possible implications of this decision . Albares has preferred not to reveal whether there have been contacts with the Algerian authorities in recent hours and has not wanted to clarify whether Algeria informed the Government in advance of the steps it was willing to take. "What I am looking for is to be constructive so that the relationship with Algeria is the best possible " but also that "our interests are fully defended", he has settled.