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Champagne Coorks Are Popping To Celebrate Your Promotion!

 Many people are stuck in dead end jobs, resentful that they are passed over for promotion.  They know they are capable of more but something is holding them back.

You want to succeed – What should you do?

The first thing to understand is that if you do nothing differently then nothing will change.  In order for anything to be possible you have to take action.

Secondly you have to start by looking at yourself rather than blaming your position on others.  Be honest with yourself.  Close your eyes, see yourself at work as others see you.  

Over the next few days at work listen to yourself and consider how you act.  

Do you behave like promotion material?

Sit down quietly and write your own reference based on how you actually perform now. 

 Include a comment on your work habits, time keeping, reliability, ability to get the job done, attention to detail, accuracy, how you manage under pressure.

Think about your ability to work as part of a team, how you get on with colleagues and customers or clients, your communication skills.

What skills have you to offer? 

The third step is to think about the job you would like to do.  What sort of person does it need?  Think about the personal skills and characteristics you would look for if you were on the appointment panel.  Make a list under the following headings:

Personal Characteristics, skills, knowledge and experience.

Compare your reference with the job specification you have created.  Think carefully, would you honestly recommend yourself without reservation for promotion?

Are there any areas you need to improve or develop?  Have you got enough experience?  Where are the gaps?  What do you need to do to ensure you have what it takes?  

Fourthly, identify your goals and when you want to achieve them by.  Make your goals realistic but challenging.  Work out a daily programme to achieve your goals.  Talk about them to others, make them real and make them happen.  Remember to celebrate your achievements.  If things go wrong remember that it happens to successful people too.  They don’t give up but use each failure as an opportunity to learn and develop.

Make sure you model promotion worthy behaviours. It may help you if you think about those people you know who are good role models, or about what makes the ideal boss?  Think about what makes them good.  Make a list of their attributes

In house promotion or a job elsewhere either way you will need a reference so the opinion of those you currently work for will count.

The fifth step is to make an appointment to see your boss.  Make it at a time convenient to them, when they can concentrate on your agenda.  Prepare what you want to say.  

“I am really keen to develop my career.  What do you think I need to do to be ready for promotion?  

Listen to the feedback with an open mind.  Ask for support and training in the areas where development is needed.  Show them your action plan and involve them in the process.

Be honest in your dealings with yourself and others. Know your strengths and face your weaknesses. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.  Take charge of your own destiny and the possibilities are endless.